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Mar 30, 2013 10:20pm EDT
of the russian revolution. hear they became a familiar suspects. the red scare changed everything because now there was a read the label to condemn the effort to create a uniform national health program. that label has been attached to it almost ever since -- bolshevik. 1930's, there was a left wing and a right wing. in liberal and a much more conservative faction. here they are in combat in the 1930's over a proposal for health reform introduced by a liberal democratic senator from new york who was important in the new deal and health reform ticke. am i not projecting? is drawn by herbert block who have a career of more than 50 years drawing cartoons about issues and moments in the health reform debate. both figures there are actually characters of real persons who were central in this battle. isaac and on the left, maurice fishbine. perhaps the most outspoken and negatively affected antagonist to health reform who coined some of the worst freeze is to characterize it. the fast for the 1940 -- we fast forward to the 1940's. it is even more dangerous. have late 1940's we mccarthyism. they us
Mar 31, 2013 1:15am EDT
it is the tension between the roles of the chain of command can take to change the environment, and that we are all adults and we can make choices. we are having a hard time with that balance. we have to reduce the number of overall incidents. i do not know. i think some of the problem is on college campuses, as well. we are transparent and we have a challenge of getting some numbers comparable period 18 to 25-year-old is a different demographic. we have to take steps to alter this dynamic. >> our time draws short, i will take advantage of your being here to ask you one of the questions that always most intrigued me. it is the stuff of famous movies and novels and plays. though, rarely actual occurrences in actual trials. can you describe the acute dilemma that occurs, morally and legally, when a subordinate is ordered to do something by a superior that is manifestly illegal, sometimes in a dramatic circumstance with a prisoner or someone else? explain a bit about the moral and legal conflict that can exist when you are issued an illegal order. >> what is your responsibility, w
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2